Here are a few shots of the aforementioned top.

Yeah, I know. Odd.

Ok, so the color combo is a little strange. This is a pretty accurate representation. Holy Kelly Green, batman. The fabric is pretty thin, so not very useful on its own, and would probably cling if layered twice. I bought it online somewhere, which is why I call it a mis-buy. I’ve used it to wrap up presents, but thats about it. It does have a nice amount of stretch, though. Of course, the lace over it barely has any, so I managed to cancel that out. Brilliant.

braided tank top, minus the braid

So this is the front part, pinned onto Crystabel. Note the lack of, um, shape. A wide band on the bottom that ties may fix that, and would remain adjustable in case you feel like wearing an unflattering sack. (ugg…) But I have to figure out the best way to do it. Have I mentioned that my machine is really old, and only has a manually-move-the-fabric zigzag? Good for some seams, but not for anything too exact, thin, or close to the edge. So I think that takes this one out of the zigzag running. I have no problem hand finishing the bottom part for some stretch, but I want to make sure its exactly the way I want it before I start down that path. Anyway, looks like I have a fair amount of work ahead of me this weekend.