Ok, so I’ve noticed that most of my posts lately have been sort of inane babble about life- a serious lack of crafty entries! There are a few reasons for this, all which head back to the miserable weather. Heat makes me lethargic. Heat makes everything sticky. Knitting is no fun when you can barely stand the touch of wool. And lastly, its hot down in my sewing area, and hanging out in a muggy basement isn’t fun for anyone.

But excuses aside- here’s whats coming up. This past weekend, I started to make the  braided-neck tank top from Burdastyle. Of course, I’m still on my quest to use up as much of my stash as I can, so I used some pretty odd fabric for it. A thin green stretch fabric under a beige (non stretchy) lace (green left over from a mis-buy for my lizard costume, lace left over from the PEXfest costume). I even printed and followed the pattern this time, more or less. But my printed ‘test square’ was a little off, so I added about a quarter inch to the whole thing… but I think that just failed miserably. The back fits fine, but the front is baggy and weird and not at all flattering. I cut a big green strip with intent to make it a waist (as well as helping me deal with not having a way to finish the edge nicely), tacked it on, tried on the top, and slumped down miserably. Total fail. I’ve yet to do the braid part, maybe that will help it out… but I have to figure out what to do about the waist/bottom… the problem is that the fabric slips around horribly, the bottom edges don’t match up, the lace needs to be edged or it will unravel, and the whole thing is such an odd combination of colors, I’m not sure I’d really end up wearing it anyway. But anyway, my goal is to get it to some state of finished this weekend, and if I don’t wear it, just give it away.

Also- I’ve been wanting to make some more hair flower/feather clips- anyone want one? I have too many already to really justify the big mess I make, but if I’ve got folks in queue who want to get a present in the mail…. reason for messiness! So let me know if there’s interest, and I’ll break out the epoxy. (Maybe even photograph the process for a tutorial, who knows!) Leave a comment or message me with your address…