So, I barely got any photos at PEXFest. First, a camera was just one more thing to carry around. Second, they’re a bit touchy about photos, since folks get real, um, free. Not always the best thing to have floating around the internet. And lastly, most of the real cool stuff happened at night, when my little point-and-shoot camera isn’t the best. So all that said- wow. What a weekend. Aside from the 24-7 house/dance music (got a little grating after a while- not really my taste), it was really great. Lots of really amazing fire performers, super nice people all around. I definitely want to try my hand at some hooping, with the goal to add fire- it just looks so cool. I didn’t make it to any of the silk ariel workshops, though. Too hot and too crowded for my liking. I think I’ll take a class at the West Philadelphia circus school, to see if I like it- I’d prefer to try my hand at flipping around in the air with crash pads instead of grass under me anyway.

The above video is of the gamelatron tent, which I think was my favorite place. Computer controlled bell orchestra- sort of tough to explain, so check out their site here. It was a hot, exhausting weekend, but lots of fun.

sparklers on the roof

We left early Sunday (before it got ungodly hot), all fairly ready for a nice shower and some clean clothes. Chris and I caught the fireworks from Mauer’s roof, and played with sparklers. Overall, not a bad weekend, not bad at all.