The rehearsal over the weekend brought up an issue I hadn’t thought of: foot protection. The basketball courts that we were practicing was ridiculously hot, as well as rough and slightly dangerous. I did the rehearsal in my sandals, but for the actual show, I don’t think that would work very well. Of course, since I didn’t think about it till a few days ago, not enough time to order something online, and I definitely don’t have enough time to swing by some dance store. Craftiness to the rescue! I had a bunch of leather left over from the “Widow Svedtka’s Black Heart Memorial” costume, so thought I could make some little footsie things. I looked up a few online, and then made my best estimation of it. Leather pads for the balls of my feet, two criss-crossing leather straps, and (the stroke of genius!) a hair tie around the middle of my foot to keep the whole thing on. I originally wanted to do some sort of adjustable leather strap, but had to tie my hair back mid-process, and lightning struck. I have yet to dance in them, but I think they’ll be okay for at least one show. Always fun when I can use some left-overs to make something useful!