Has anyone else noticed the massive push on Icelandic tourism? The country has a facebook page, and a Twitter account… I’m a fan of the FB page, and the dialogue on it is nice and seems personal. They respond to comments, encourage people to share stories. It seems more like a personal page than something pushing trips to a country. I hear the same of the Twitter feed, though I’m not a member so I don’t really know. And then there’s the new tourism site, Inspired by Iceland…. oh my. Live feeds of spots all around the country. A great video that uses an Emiliana Torrini song I’m now obsessed with…. I love the energy that comes across in the video. It has the feel of people just dancing and having a great time, yet its sponsored by the state. Which seems to me to further support the fact that its an absolutely amazing place.

photoshopped version of my dreamscape

Maybe thats why I’ve been dreaming about the country lately. A strange dream in a rowboat on a large still body of water, trying to dock on a rocky pier (with only one paddle, very hard to steer), while Eyjafjallajokull erupts in the background… The whole time struck by the beauty of the whole place, and just feeling so lucky to be there. Any time I look at pictures of the landscape, my breath catches. How can a place so amazing exist? I don’t really have enough money to travel, but I’ve had a bank account labeled “Iceland” for the past few years, saving bit by bit for a trip there. I don’t know when I’ll be able to do it, but some day I will make it there.

There’s a contest up on the Iceland Naturally site, you can enter every day to win a trip. I plan on entering religiously. (If you enter and win- please take me with you! Please Please Please!) The thing is, even if you make it through the first round, you have to get the most votes on their facebook page to win the trip. How do I get people to vote for me if I make it that far?

No matter what, I will make it to Iceland someday soon. I don’t know why I’m so drawn to the country or when it started, but I feel like once I’m there, it will all make sense.