Beer in a Mason Jar!

So, its been a rather lazy weekend…. the rain contributed to that, but to be fair, so did the tail end of beer week. On Thursday night, Tim called and he Chris and I searched out some events. A failed start at Devil’s Den (does anyone actually like that place? Twenty minutes and quite a lot of waving and jumping and I still left without ever being asked what I wanted to drink. Worst Bartenders Ever!) but then a bit of walking, and success! We found a cool new (to us) place, Hawthorne’s Cafe, which sells their draft beer in mason jars. We go there too late for food, but looks like a cool spot to grab lunch or brunch some weekend. Its right across from Bella Vista distributor, so maybe before we pick up supplies for the next BBQ, I’ll talk Chris into trying out their menu.

looks good, doesn't it? mmmm....

And to top off Beer Week- my favorite brewery ever! Can you guess? I’m pretty sure I’ve linked to their site before- Nøgne Ø. Again, plagued by bad service for the first part of the night at Belgian Cafe- (45 minutes without a “need another drink?”- again some jumping and waving involved. I swear some bartenders master the art of ignoring customers!) if it wasn’t for the Nøgne to be tapped at 8, we would have left long before we got a table. But once seated, our server Sierra was great, and the Nøgne was FANTASTIC. They had two on tap I’d never had (the Batch 100 and the Sunturnbrew) as well as a few bottles. One of the bottles was the Imperial Dunkel Wit. Coriander and orange peel… mmmmmm…. Seriously, if you have the chance to try this beer- Do It! Its a heavy one at 10%abv, but so so good. We even ended up sticking around and ordering food just to have another round. Errands and laziness the rest of the weekend- eh, not every day can be productive.