Baby Cucs

My garden is chugging along. Aside from the mint, there still isn’t anything edible, but they’re on their way. Baby veggies on almost all of the plants. The jalapenos seem to be growing slowly, I definitely think I stunted them by planting too early. Only one marigold survived, and it is yet to flower. The regular basil also died, but the spicy globe basil seems to be doing alright. I’ve had a few strawberries ripen, but the bugs get to them before I do. I’m hoping the new ones are high enough on the plant that the ground insects will leave them along. I feel like the whole garden is sort of at that watched-pot-boiling stage… once I stop checking constantly, I’ll end up with a whole crop of peppers and tomatoes and cucumbers. I can’t wait.

On a sad note, the sempervivum (the tag said S. Wendy) that I bought from the Rittenhouse market a few weeks ago seems to be dying. I’m not sure why- it was fine a few days ago. But when I rotated the hippo (it lives on the kitchen sill) this afternoon, it was all shriveled up. Maybe too much sun? The other plants in the hippo (other sempervivum and some sedum) seem to be thriving, so maybe it just didn’t play well with others. I’m really falling in love with all the great textures you can get from sempervivum, so I’m sure I’ll have another go at it in a different pot.

Costume in progress

And on a productivity note- working on a costume for a performance with Michelle at PEX Summer Fest. The top is wearable, if a little dull compared to other ones I’ve made. I added some extra sparkle with beads left over from Jen’s veil. Its subtle, but I like it. Made a hip scarf, too, but I’m not sure whats happening with the pants. Or belt. I’m hoping I can re-use one of my other belts, but my costume is supposed to be white and all my other pieces are black. We’ll see….