cowl seams and hair-cut

alabama-chanin inspired seams

New haircut (bangs! I’ve never had bangs!) and a new shirt… yay! I made a cowl shirt based off the one on burdastyle, but I didn’t really print the pattern… just traced a shirt I had and followed the guideline for the neckline. This one has the hem of the ‘cowl’ in the shoulder seam. I think I like my previous experiment better, with the seam of the “cowl” flipped wrong-side and used for the front arm seam… but the experimental  version is a bit small for me (seam allowance, bah = bit too small) so will be heading Alexis’s way once I get my act together for a care package. I had completely forgotten about the fabric I ended up using for the second version- its blue and rather stretchy, perfect for this kind of pattern. I think I bought it for Tom’s glasses case, but ended up using a fuse-able felt liner instead. Unfortunately, the edges of the shirt looked rather raw, so I used the alabama-chanin style stitching to seam it. The rose stitch for the back, and the x-cross stitch for the arm-holes. Its amazing what a good finished hem will do for a project- really takes away that “I see you’ve been sewing again” feel. I still need to finish the bottom edge, but I think I’ll wear it out anyway… If I can manage to get a good photo, I will, but its been rainy and gross out lately, so not so many good photo ops.