This reminds me of my little stolen plant

Ok, so I’m going to post yet again about the awesome Amy Wilson. I have to say, I’m growing quite a collection of her work. I have two little felt houses that happily sit on my whistle shelf (a project for a woodshop-like class… long story). I have a little apron/pocket that she made (with a cool fabric backing that reminds me of sushi) that I use to hold my phone and camera when hosting parties in a dress or skirt, which is very practical. I also have her lovely fold out cloth book hanging above my desk. I see it every morning, and I love it so much. Soon I’ll add another piece, an awesome tote made from her installation work in a park. I was just planning on perusing the collection when the first listing went up, but then saw this design… I don’t know why exactly, but it made me think of my poor stolen dahlias. So a click later, and some time soon it will be showing up at my door. Well, technically my office, but thats the best place to receive packages anyway.

So for all you readers interested in one-of-a-kind bags, creative re-use and just overall awesomeness… head over to Amy’s site! New bags are posted on Wednesdays, the next round is Wednesday, May 19th, at 7pm EST. For full transparency, this post enters me into a give-away. Since I already bought a bag, if I win I’ll pass the bag on to one of my lovely readers…. But seriously- if you can afford it, please support Amy and buy one you can pick out yourself!