Hippo planter, best 50 cents ever.

New plants for the hippo! Mom and I spent a wonderful day at Terrain, we got brunch in the morning and wandered around for hours. I got a small air plant and a hanging glass container (I’ll take a photo when the window gets some light) and some succulents for the hippo. I also got a nice black clay pot for the plant that previously lived in the hippo, and put it outside. I hope it does better out there.

Air Plant

Mom's air plant

Mom got an awesome air plant and a really cool plant that looks like it has little gold balls for flowers. She’ll do a painting of it soon, its quite lovely.

Terrain really is a great place for garden inspiration. The employees were really friendly and helpful, too. I love the displays. I could easily spend way too much money if I bought everything I fell in love with.

It was nice to really take the time to wander around, and despite the forecast for thunderstorms, the skies stayed mostly clear. What a lovely Saturday.