flowers from the block captain

I wasn’t going to get new plants for the front. I just didn’t want them stolen again. And even if I figured out a way to secure the pots themselves, someone could just yank out the plants, like they did with my marigold last year. (Well, they took the flower out and then stole the pot, too). But when I got home on Friday there were three pots of plants outside the house. Turns out our block captain (Tina, I think her name is) saw my sign- she was working some event and brought some left over flowers home for me. Encouraged by her kind behavior, I decided to go for another planter.

Locked Planter

This time, though, I’m not taking chances. While buying the large pot and new dahlias, I also picked up a steel cable and padlock. Some fun with a drill later- that planter isn’t going anywhere. If the plants disappear this time, someone really doesn’t like me.

I re-potted two of the three plants Tina gave me, and discovered that the pots were made up of marigolds and little white flowers around a tomato plant. Looks like I’ll be growing some this year after all. I put the flowers from the pots around a pink and white dahlia, and brought the two tomatoes to the back garden.

I love these flowers

While plant shopping, I also picked up a pablano, since mine never sprouted, and another pepper plant I hadn’t heard of before. My mint is getting a little crazy, but other than that, it seems the plants in the back are doing well. I’m worried that I stunted their growth by putting them out too early, but we’ll see.

And, as promised- here’s a photo of the finished jumper.

jumper of doom

I hate it. I’m not sure why- its not a terrible dress, and I do sort of like the cross straps in the back- but I don’t know, I guess its just a little too cutesy. I feel like it makes me look short and wide. It doesn’t really read that way in the photos, but thats how I feel in it, so its got to go. I’m sending it off to my sister, who always has more luck with the clothes I try to expand my wardrobe to include. I’ll give it a nice pressing and tack down the liner, and tighten up the top of the pleats before I send it away. Arrggg, I spent so long trying to make this dress work, I should have adjusted the pattern from the start- lengthened the bodice and the overall length, to make it less of a baby-doll feel and more of a fitted, true-waist dress. But I suppose now I know.