“He saves planets, rescues civilizations, defeats terrible creatures… and runs a lot. Seriously, there is an outrageous amount of running involved.” (Donna Noble)

stitch stitch stitch

Ok, I’m going to dork out for this post… I love (love love love) Doctor Who. I’m not sure when exactly or why exactly I started watching, but safe to say, I’ll keep on. I’ve gotten both my Mom and later my sister addicted as well. (Alexis and I both have the theme song set for each other’s ring tones.) Its just so delightfully cheesy and fun!
Anyway, its time for a new season, and a new Doctor. The problem is that Chris doesn’t exactly share my love for cheesy British sci-fi. He’ll just fall asleep if I put it on…. ah, but here’s the brilliant part. He teaches class on Thursdays which leaves me free to sew and revel in the silly plots and poor effects.

And on the sewing part… I’m working on a shirt from the Alabama Chanin book I bought recently. Its all hand sewn so its a bit slow going, but I like that about it. I’m edging it with the rosebud stitch from the book- it looks more complicated than it really is, and really helps the whole thing look more finished. The blue fabric to the bottom right of the television? Yeah, thats the blue dress thats still in queue. My mom helped out with the hem, and I used my new zig-zag capabilities for thinner straps, but I think I want to go back to the original thickness. A strappy sexy dress just doesn’t work in cotton flannel (strangest fabric choice ever. This dress is full of ‘why? why?’) So back to the pockets and big red buttons, wheeeee! So much to work on this weekend.