Wedding shower! Flea market! New phone! Destroying a couch! (no pictures of that one).

It was really quite a fun weekend. The wedding shower seemed to go over well. Have to say, I’m glad its over. Jen’s cousin made a pretty awesome ‘silly hat’ with the bows….

A lonely looking robot

$5 box of yarn

Quite a haul from the fleamarket!

This morning I went with my Mom and stepdad to the Sunday fleamarket. We made off with quite a haul! My fun items were a pair of drinking glasses for 10 cents each, a great silver ring for a dollar (plus some airplane-themed dollar jewelry), a super soft bandanna for 50 cents, a stamp set for three dollars and a pretty awesome game (Pazaz) for two dollars.

The best part of the game was the cover- they were having so much fun! With a few alterations to the rules, it might actually be fun. Mom got a whole bunch of stuff for the prop shop- some ladders, a glass washboard, and other fun things. Tom got a chainsaw and some drill bits. Overall, I’d say it was highly successful!

Later we had a lot of fun breaking apart the old wicker couch. A sledge hammer, a hatchet and an axe… nothing like destructive family bonding time! I didn’t get any photos of that, but I have quite a few of the rest of the weekend- head on over to flickr to check them out.