Redwings lettering

This has perhaps been the most complicated project I’ve undertaken… it was supposed to be a birthday present, but its about three months late. My real deadline was the hockey game that Chris bought tickets for, as a Christmas present for his Dad. And I finished last night, just in time. I mostly eyed the pattern… with a few basic rules. 5st garter boarder, 2st white, 3st white in stockinette (total edge of 10 stitches) on either side. The lettering was mostly 3 st wide, with 4 st between each letter. I found a blank chart online and copied the letters and wings logo onto it. I didn’t really chart properly, though, and since I wasn’t quite using the chart I printed for the lettering, I didn’t realize that I had copied the letters onto the chart sideways. See, knit stitches are taller than they are wide, which means you can’t use regular square graph paper. I thought I was being rather clever by using a printed chart, but since it was sideways- the circle wasn’t so circular. Again, though,  I wasn’t quite following the chart, so I thought I had messed up reading it. Once I realized my mistake, I tried to adjust, but I was already halfway through the circle and didn’t want to frog the whole thing…. oh well. The wheel may be a bit of an oval, but I think the wing part balances it out, so its okay.

Winged Wheel

The game was fun, though the Wings didn’t win. I made a sign for my favorite player, Datsyuk. I mostly like him because of his awesome commercials for the Rahmani Eye Institute (I just love his stand-up at the end…) but he’s a great player, too.

I <3 Datsyuk!!!

Any time people yelled at us I held up my sign. One guy took a few seconds to comprehend the Russian translation, then made some comment about not being able to order at Pat’s and Geno’s. Right…. (a reference to the “order in English only” sign that went up at Geno’s and caused quite a hubub)

Now that I’m done with the scarf, I’m free to start a new project! And I’ve already started two. First, a baby sweater for Chris’s new nephew, Quentin, due in June. Second, an Alabama Studio Style shirt, for me. I’ve already assembled the front and back of the shirt. I like the process of hand-stitching it. Also, the blue dress is still on my queue. My mom is helping fix the (stupidly) sewn pleats… Hopefully I’ll be able to stitch up some new straps for it by this weekend when I head back to Jersey for the wedding shower, and then maybe I’ll have another finished project. Still deciding on the pockets, though.

Marigolds in the planter

I also planted my seedlings. Anyone want some cucumbers, basil or jalapenos? I have too many that sprouted. This year I’m experimenting with some netting over the garden box, to protect from birds and cats. I didn’t have to worry about it last year since I bought the plants already grown. This year I started much earlier, so went with seeds. I planted Basil, spicy globe basil (in a pot), jalapenos, poblanos (though none of those have sprouted yet), cucumbers, shallots, strawberries (pre-grown) and mint (from last year). I also planted marigolds throughout the box, and ‘various bright flowers’ in the front pots, on top of dahlias. Dahlias, by the way, grow much much larger than I realized…. we’ll see how this works out.

Yay Easter weekend!

Sunny daffodils for Easter