Archedream Ogre

Ok, so its not a great shot, but I didn’t bring my camera (not that its great in the first place) and I think the backlight probably does funny things to cameras anyway.

Actually, I think my favorite costumes were the unicorns. Michelle did a fantastic job on the corsets and the tails. Really cool looking. The main girl’s dress was pretty awesome, too. It had snaps that let it transform for different parts of the performance. I really liked how it worked well snapped or unsnapped, not to mention Michelle’s brilliant use of the pom-pom rickrack that I thought was pretty gross looking on its own. I hope that more (professional) photos are posted soon. Till then, you can check out the ArcheDream site to see some of their other work.  This performance is called “Inside Out” and is going to Taiwan in about 10 days.