hand beaded veil

An off-white veil with sparkly beads… yeah, that doesn’t photograph very well. I got one funny shot of it on a monkey toy, but it isn’t really good enough to post. Plus, I think Jen wants me to keep in under wraps, since its part of the whole secret-bridal-outfit thing. So here’s a bit of the edge, not really a good shot, though. I can’t wait to show it to Jen….

Brown yarn… yeah, its great looking in real life, but doesn’t really come across well on camera, either. Just looks like a pile of hair. (ewww…) I spun so much! Its the most of one kind of yarn I’ve ever spun. I’m thinking I might try making it into a super bulky yarn by plying it with some commercial yarn or thread or something….  I don’t have a project in mind yet, but spinning it up brings me one step closer to my use-up-what-I-have crafting goal.

so much yarn!

Also, finished the lettering on Chris’s scarf over the weekend, now to knit away at the main part. I’m dying to finish it…. I really want to get started on some projects from the Alabama Studio Style book I got in the mail last week, but I want to start on a fresh slate, which means no UFOs hanging around.