I’ve again realized the impact a list can have. Keeps me (mostly) on task, which is pretty important lately. I just want to do too much, and I need to pare it down to manageable tasks and priorities. First up- meal planning. I’m tired of going out to eat because we have nothing in the house instead of going out to eat on a lovely date…. so a major grocery store trip was in order, and we have the week planned out. Does that make me an adult now? Oh, I don’t know.

Apple Peach Cobbler

We bought too many apples, so I ended up making a cobbler. Its warming in the oven right now, I hope its good. I tend to be a little heavy on the nutmeg, because it’s so fun to grate. I tried to balance it out, but we’ll see. I didn’t really have a recipe, just threw some cinnamon and sugar and nutmeg in with the apples and peaches, and made buttermilk biscuit dough for the top. If nothing else, it smells good! (Just ate some…It was pretty tasty! Not bad for no real plan)

sewing zone

I finally snapped a shot of the new work area I made downstairs. While I can’t wait to get my sewing machine back, I suppose its good that I don’t have it yet (remember the whole too-many-projects thing? Yeah, sewing machine would up that for sure.) There are more bins with fabric off to the left, and in another drawer. Of course, I still have knitting and spinning and felting supplies spread all over the house…. one thing at a time.

The dress on Crystabel (what I’ve called my Mom’s dressform since I was a kid) is an attempt at the Burda Style Sabrina dress. Not sure why I picked a blue flannel, though… I started about two years ago, but put in the zipper and the whole thing went south. Now that I have Crystabel from my Mom’s house, I can pin and drape on her instead. I have high hopes! But the dress needs to sit behind Jen’s veil (almost done!) and Chris’s scarf (mmm, not so almost done) in the project queue.

working on the veil's edge