We had a jet-set weekend full of adventure. And by adventure of course I mean driving a ‘machine’ on ice, hiking around slippery slopes and climbing onto old trains. Oh Wisconsin, I never knew you could be so exhausting!

National Railroad Museum

The trains are so big!

We flew into Greenbay really early Saturday morning and met up with Chris’s Dad. He took us to the National Railroad Museum which was pretty awesome. I’m not all that into trains, but it was still cool to see all the old steam engines and the way people used to travel. Having been stuck with SEPTA with these past snow storms, I realized I really take the train for granted. So strange to see the way they used to be furnished- more like living rooms than transportation.

After the railroad museum we went to Lambeau field. Which to a football fan is probably really interesting… I was more amused by the other folks on the tour with us. Then we drove to Sturgeon Bay (where we were staying) and went to Cave Point.

Cave Point, WI

Ice in the caves

Chris at Cave Point

It was awesome. The caves have been eaten away under small cliffs…. apparently its usually really windy, but it was clear and calm for us. The ice made the most amazing sound. I tried to get it with my camera, but just got the motor of the device clicking. The place was really breathtaking. It made me want to go to Iceland even more.

After the caves we tried to find a winery, but they were closed. We grabbed some dinner at “the best restaurant in the world” according to our 16 year old fishing guide. I don’t know, I think there are better places than the Sunset Bar and Grille….

look how thick the ice is!


Early morning and time for Ice Fishing! I originally thought we’d be in a shack together, but not with Dale from Wacky Wallaye. Nope, everyone at their own little ice hole, hop and pause, hop and pause with the line. Frankly, its pretty boring. And cold. Kind of amusingly so. And we didn’t catch anything, for the whole 8 hours we spent on the ice (out in the morning, back to the hotel and out for food, then out in the evening). But it was pretty fun anyway.

Chris driving on the ice

Chris got to drive the ‘machine’ (a four by four that seats 5 people) out on the ice, which was great. The ice was super thick, but I did hear banging that our guide said was the ice shifting. It sounded like a monster. I have to say, I was surprised at all the people out on the ice. Shanties and fishermen every direction. We actually moved location because people were crowding in on us. Next time I try ice fishing, though, I’m going with the tip flags and the heated shanty where you get to drink beer and play cards and run out to the holes when you hear the bell ringing. This waiting at a hole by yourself and hopping and pausing the line is for suckers.