handmade cloth valentine

Sunday was valentine’s day. Although I don’t really get into the whole hallmark aspect of the day, I do like that it gives me an excuse to make a sweet heart-themed project. This year I made a pretty intricate card- needle felted heart on the front, sewn to a back with an embroidered message. I messed up the centering a little when I cut the heart, so I added a little star to balance it out a bit. I’m getting better at embroidery lately- not that you can tell from the star, but take my word for it, the message on the back is pretty well done. I tied the card to a wooden backgammon set that I ordered online. It took a while for me to find a set that I wanted to give Chris. This one still isn’t right, but it was the closest so far: hinged box, with an inlaid wood board. Sets like this make me want to add wood-working to my repertoire…

This weekend is our real Valentine’s- we’re going ice fishing in Wisconsin! Hopefully I’ll have lots of photos and some fish to cook when we get back. I’m pretty excited about it. Plus it was a good excuse to buy myself some new smartwool :-)