snow day

Its been snowing and/or sleeting all day. Work was closed (yay snow day!) and though I tried to be productive anyway, its tough when you have a nice warm blanket to curl up in. That said, Chris and I set up the shelves I bought a few weeks ago, and I finally organized the basement and set up a work area. Once I get my sewing machine back from NJ (and the dreaded window blanket project) I’m all set for marathon sewing projects. I cleared off the table we have (which previously stored soda, beer, records and fabric), and organized my fabric into clear bins. I should have taken some before and after photos, but honestly, its a basement, so even all set up it still doesn’t look great. Once I get a power strip for down there I’ll set up some extra lights and try to make it look a little more cozy. Then maybe I’ll share some photos. The great part is that the table is the perfect height for working, as opposed to the coffee table in the living room. Great for propping your feet, but little else.

Hope everyone is being safe in the snow and having fun!