The whole blind laid out

Last weekend was the third weekend of the infamous window blanket project. Back in the spring at one of the famed ‘family five’ meetings (infamous and famed of course only makes sense to people in the Carter family…) we were all talking about ways to make the house in Martinsville more energy efficient. The house has a beautiful picture window that, while is great for observing birds, is terrible for retaining heat. I’m not sure where I saw it, but I knew there was a DIY way to make insulated shades. So I ended up volunteering myself (and Mom) to make on for Gramps’ house. Yeah, not as easy as it sounds (that is, if anyone else thinks it sounds easy, which I thought it did.)

First weekend: Our task- buy fabric in Philadelphia, sew the blanket at my house, based off of the measurements we took at Gramps’. Issue #1- we had moving blankets for our ‘warmth layer’. Yup, that didn’t work. Way too heavy. So we ordered some quilt batting, and set the rest of the project for another weekend.

Sewing the test swatch

Weekend Two: Batting in hand. Fabric bought. (mind you, this is Christmas weekend….) Matching thread, insulated layer, everything is set. Everything except enough fabric for the front and back. Yup, back to Philadelphia for another round at the fabric store (Jomar!!) Project put off for another weekend.

Weekend Three: Finally enough fabric. Batting. Everything in order. Gramps on vacation (see “tourists caught in Peru” stories!) so we can take over his house with our sewing masterpiece. Enter this weekend’s hitch- the car won’t start. Awesome. Another roadblock in what should be a relatively simple project….

New battery, visit by AAA, and we finally got to working. What made me ever think this would be easy?? Yipes. I suggest never trying to sew Mylar. Its all about ripping. And shifting. Ugggg… I’ll leave you with some pictures instead of describing the whole process right now, because, frankly, its late and I’m tired.

pinning the evil mylar

By the time we left on Sunday, we had sewn much of the blanket/curtain, but it still needs a two cross seams, and the edge hemming. So perhaps its about 85% done. More progress than the previous weekends, for sure…. but still not done. I feel like this project will never end.