Machu Picchu (from treehugger)

I just have to share this story, its a bit crazy! My grandfather and his lovely lady friend Jane (girlfriend I suppose, but it seems strange to be calling Jane a girl) are currently on a tour of waterfalls in South America. This one has been quite a trip. There have been very heavy rains, and Machu Picchu is in a state of emergency. Helicopters are air-vaccing about 2,000 tourists, but each helicopter can only carry about 35 people. Last night’s update (before the evacuation started, I think) was that Jane and Gramps were in a hotel watching a raging river right outside their window. Today the dam went. Jane has been active with the EMTs in her area for a while, that emergency training came in handy! She got herself and my Grandfather to higher ground and helped calm down the folks who were panicking. I know I should be concerned about their safety, but Jane’s emails have had such a sense of adventure throughout this whole thing! I feel like everyone in my family has  a bit of “wow, that sounds like fun!” combined with “glad they’re safe” running through their heads. Jane and Gramps are lucky, they were among the first evacuated. Other folks are still stranded. I hope the situation evens out soon, but with the rains continuing, who knows.

***update: Gramps and Jane on BBC video! (by the helicopter, you’ll see Gramps first, in white shirt and suspenders: then the camera pans ahead to Jane, who is wearing a blue jacket). Thanks to Aunt Lou for sharing the link! ***