knit bear hat with ears!

Alexis finally has her hat so I can post up about it! I’ve been dying to, it just turned out so cute! I used a pattern from my stitch-and-bitch book, and modified the ears a little to be rounded instead of cat-shaped. The wool was originally grey, but when Mom was in town we played around with dying using kool-aid. I forgot how strong that stuff smells! I found some instructions online and combined that from what I remember doing with Tina. I used about 5 different flavors, all in the blue to purple range. I was hoping for a subtle color change, but it ended up pretty patchy, which I am okay with, too. My goal with this hat was to make something warm for Alexis, since it can get pretty cold out in Seattle. (The last hat I made is nice and fun, but not so warm around the ears.) I was going to line the hat with fleece, but it ended up a little tight, so I didn’t think there was room for a liner. Perhaps with the next hat…. While the hat itself was fun to make, I’m super excited to be done with it because it means I can really start working on Chris’s scarf (it now has an “N”!) and I can start a new project. I’m trying to be disciplined, and only have two or three things going at once. I’ve been tasked with making a baby sweater for Chris’s sister’s new baby-on-the-way. I’ve never made a baby sweater before, but I found some cute patterns for kimono themed ones that look like fun. Yay for FOs!