A long slightly-lazy Sunday hanging out with friends… the best kind. First off, a stop at the ‘freaky flea-market’… which wasn’t to freaky or too much of a flea-market, as far as I know flea-markets. More, a rockabilly guy trying to pawn off his accumulation of various collections. But Chris got a good small-parts drawer case to use for cable adapters, and I scored these totally rad robot christmas lights. They’re definitely cheap and some of the robots are too big for the lights, some of the lights way too big for even the too-large robots… but its okay, they rock anyway. Then brunch at the Abbaye (good food!) and on to some craftiness…. mostly making a mesh helmet/hair base for a giant ogre! I can’t wait to see how it turns out, the pieces are pretty exciting. And I finally fixed my mittens! Its getting rather chilly out and I thought it was about time to take care of them. Now my hands will be nice and toasty on the way into work tomorrow, yay!