Two awesome date nights in one week! Sunday was Shelly’s Indian dance performance. Dinner and a show, such a lovely night. I’ve been helping her with the costumes the past few weeks, (I didn’t help with anything too complicated, some dying and some seam ripping) it was really nice to see them all together. I really hope that she is nominated for a PEW fellowship this year, she’s very talented and I think she’d be perfect for it. The costumes really were beautiful. I’m amazed with what she did for the black dress- the fabric looked so strange sitting on her work table, but was just great on stage.

Tonight he picked me up from work, with a rosemary tree, some wine and some tulips. Oh, and a pumpkin cookie. :-) Dinner at my favorite sushi place ever….. awwwwwww…….. now the house smells like rosemary, and I feel festive. I know its a little early for Christmas, but its ok if its an herb tree, right?

This weekend I have quite a list of tasks, we’ll see what actually gets finished. The most complicated task will be replacing the zipper on my mid-weather coat. It was a cheap jacket, and now if I try to zip it up I get stuck in it. I hate sewing zippers, but its really a perfect coat for right-before-it-gets-cold, so its worth the headache. I also have some work on KK’s doc, some sewing, some beading, some audio editing for work, some christmas-present-making and organizing…. sheesh! But at least I have the lovely little tree to smile at when I feel overwhelmed.