my pumpkin friend

So, it may not have been the most productive weekend ever, but I did finally get a pumpkin to carve. I haven’t carved a pumpkin in ages… so I went pretty classic. (I’m snarling at the pumpkin, in case you can’t tell from the photo) And then toasted up the seeds… mmmmm.

We made one of the best salads ever for dinner tonight. Arugula, romaine, cucumbers, tomatoes from the garden, the toasted pumpkin seeds and some walnuts and pecans that I candied with sugar and vanilla. The house smelled amazing while I was cooking up the nuts, made me think of street vendors in NYC. The salad was paired with some mashed potatoes and breaded tilapia… seriously one of the best meals we have made in a while. Its funny, I sew and knit and make things all the time, but what I’m most proud of is a really tasty dinner.



And about that reflective yarn- its more like thread really… I’m going to make a small cuff that I can either wear while biking or strap to my bag. We’ll see how reflective it is. I’m making it out of the recycled noro from the VNA, and basing it around Leethal Knits‘ cuffs… Her work is so amazingly colorful! I like her game knitting concept, too, especially because I often work while watching some cheesy tv show or movie. Hmmm.. a game knit hat while watching Dr. Who…. I think that would be pretty awesome.