finally, a board game for two that doesnt take forever!

finally, a board game for two that doesn't take forever!

Ah Sunday. Time to relax and recoup from the busy weekend and previous week… C is preparing for starting his new job on Monday, and we took a drive out to the new office on Saturday. Of course, I’m probably the worst navigator of all time, so I led us totally wrong to start out with. Once we got on the right road, it all worked out… there’s even an EMS on his way to work, so we stopped by so I could get a new pair of sunglasses since I broke my last pair. Got a case for them this time, too, so I don’t break them again.

We got a bunch of games a few weeks ago, but haven’t had a chance to try them out. Today we finally played “Mr. Jack,” a board game for two where you are either Jack the Ripper or a Detective. Not too bad. I think it will be more fun now that we’ve figured out the gameplay and can focus on strategy. Although, I like Hive, another one of the games we got recently. (Both recommended by C’s sister)  Its got really cool game pieces, and is portable so I like to bring it out to Ultimo for a few rounds. I wonder if they’ll have any fall specials over there… mmmm… hoping for some pumpkin lattes or something.