crafty night! Started on the pumpkin apple butter as soon as I got home. I’ve never made this before, but it didn’t look too complicated, and seemed like a really good way to use the rest of the pumpkin I had left over from my muffins. I combined a bunch of recipes from the internet, added in a peeled and grated apple. Its pretty sweet, but I bet it will be great on pancakes.

Bad colors. Really much brighter green and bright orange ribbon.

reduce, reuse!

I also made some gift bags for C., since we didn’t have any wrapping. I thought at least we’d have some christmas wrapping or tissue that I saved, but nothing. Turned out to be a really good way to use up the fabric I bought for my lizard costume but didn’t end up using (its actually more of a light lime color, not nearly as dark as the photo). Now off to watch cheesy TV shows and knit. Yay productivity!