Frog box

So a while ago I took this picture to send to my friend Jaime… its a little frog box that I got ages ago in a big antique shop/barn in Cooperstown, NY. (More of the story is in the original post here.) Whats been so funny about this frog is that it has driven more people to my site than any other post. Turns out, there is a real fanged frog, recently discovered in Papua New Guinea. Weeks later, another fanged frog species was found in the Greater Mekong river region. Now, none of the species look nearly as cool as my little frog box, but they happen to be real, whereas mine, well, is not. Yet somehow this little guy comes up top in image searches on google for ‘fanged frog’. I have to say, I’m proud of him. Its a terrible photo (I think I took it with my cell phone) but he’s been a great companion for the past few years. And I’m glad a new species could get people to stop by my site, even if it is for a post that rambles about Tip’s powder of life.

Any readers have their own sites with strange spikes?  The other one I’ve had was for fruit fly traps, but that one is far less interesting. :-)

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