After the craziness that was yesterday, sitting back and reflecting on the lovely weekend I had with my mom and friends is quite relaxing. I swear, I biked around half the city yesterday, mostly in a mad rush-panic. Anger at my own stupidity and frustration at other interactions made me one of those crazy bikers who cuts in front of cars and generally rides like a jerk. I’m sorry to anyone who’s path I crossed and angered…. in this beautiful fall weather there really is no reason to have such a hot head!

Mikes CD

Mike's CD

Anyway, about the weekend past: Well, it was time for the VNA again. Oldest and largest rummage sale in NJ! I’ve missed it the last couple go-arounds, so was very glad that schedules worked out this season. Mom and I spent a fair amount of time in the car, from turning down an ever-narrowing road on the way home from the train (a very Alice in Wonderland moment… ) to the Pattenburg Inn and all its wildness, the VNA to Martinsville to an empty lot of Rakkasah-two-weeks-early… every stop had something strange and interesting, and the whole weekend felt like a road trip.

driving up to the VNA

driving up to the VNA

I got to catch up with a lot of friends I haven’t seen in years at Mike Frank’s cd release party at the Pattenburg Inn, which was wonderful. A late night though, so Saturday started slowly. Lots of random run-ins filled the day, complete with some good shopping (but not over-shopping for once!) at the VNA. I can never get over how massive the rummage sale is. So hard to describe to people… a neccessary experience.

Measuring the window

Measuring for a window blanket

Our plan was to end our Saturday at Rakkasah.  We always get lost on the way there- without fail. This year, amazing. Smooth sailing. Took just the right turns, no problems. We pull into the lot- empty. I don’t know why I thought it was the first weekend in October, but it was not to be. A trip to Rakkasah can never go smoothly with the two of us! It was a fun day anyway, and perhaps better that we didn’t spend too much money on dance goods.



The weekend closed off with Sippin’ on the River for Chelsea’s birthday. Not sure I’d do the event again, but it was nice to be outside and with friends. Although I’m surprised water wasn’t more readily available at an event centered around beer tasting…

As full as the weekend is, I still have quite a few tasks ahead of me- the Halloween costume is getting near-top priority right now. So fast approaching!! I’ll carve out some time this weekend, and if I’m lucky even get some autumnal themed baking in there!

(**PS- I hate the way my wordpress deals with photos, so tough to get a good layout! Sorry for the sloppiness of it all….**)