Group shot!
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Everything came together for quite a show on Friday. Of course, I was nervous as anything (which I definitely need to work on) but I tried not to show it too much. It feels good to have the performance behind me, its been a little stressful preparing for it. But I think the work we put into it paid off, we got lots of compliments. It was a very late night though, so all Saturday I was rather exhausted. Breakfast at Carman’s Country Kitchen was a great way to start out the day. Later, sushi with John (it was a bit of a weekend of decadence), and some drinks over at Charlie’s. A late night led to a late start on Sunday, but some sewing with Michelle and a trip to Terrain with Cheslea made it a full day anyway.
Terrain is amazing. Such great displays! The place is full of very inspiring plants and decor. I could spend hours and hours there. I need a plan for my garden before I go back, so that I don’t get too distracted. I did buy something though- a new plant for my hippo, since I managed to kill the last one, unfortunately. I hope I can keep this one alive, its pretty cool looking. I think I’ll pot it tomorrow, too exhausted to do anything else tonight.

Nice to settle in to pizza and a movie after such a full weekend. I still have quite a few projects on my plate though, so I’m not completely off the hook. A window blanket, some way-over-belated mitts for a friend, more work on my blanket, KK’s documentary… I’m sure I have other things thrown in there, too, that I can’t remember right now. But at least there isn’t a real deadline for any of it, so I can take my time, for now.

Beautiful benches and table at Terrain

sushi from Kisso, the best

sushi from Kisso, the best