close up of the book

close up of the book

My friend Amy has been making awesome projects lately, and I just want to share them. Amy does lots of mini-edition works, and lately has been making really great pieces that are actually affordable for average people like me to buy. I love her combination of sewing and drawing, and how you can see the human touch and craft in everything she does. I bought her folded book a while back (her site post about it here) and have it hanging above my desk. (I know I know, it should be folded…. but I like to have it hanging up, its really pretty).

Two little houses

little houses in a pile

Amy recently opened up an etsy store, and is offering these really great little house storage boxes. And they’ve really taken off! She has a post about it over on her site, so I don’t really have to go into the details, but I highly recommend checking out her site (its called “working”, I have a link over in my link box). She also got picked up by this fundraising site, kickstarter (I’ve got the widget over to the right). She’s already reached the pledge amount, but I think you can pledge more… I’m not too clear about the way the site works, but I like the idea of it.

I really love the whole idea of her work- I get to buy a really cool piece (that I actually want!) while also supporting an artist friend. I know this whole post sort of sounds like an advert for her, and thats not really what I mean… just go check out her work! Its really awesome, and you’ll be glad you did, for sure.