Look at all those boats

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I finally got the photos from last year’s rafting trip developed. I bought a waterproof camera at a garage sale or flea market for about 50 cents, ages ago. I had no idea if it worked, but tested it out on this rafting trip. I ended up with a few exposures left, and being the thrifty girl I am, thought it would be a good idea to save the camera for my next water adventure. Of course, I opened the camera and exposed the more recent shots (I brought the camera to Rehoboth Beach, another vacation with Chris’ family) but at least it got me to develop this roll.
I had sort of forgotten about this trip all together. It was a lot of fun. Water fights with buckets, super cold water, and wetsuits that didn’t quite fit right. There’s something great about rediscovering old photos and remembering all the nuances of the trip.

It was fun plaing in the waves with the camera. The water was rather churned up, so none of the actual under water shots worked well. Just a big blurry mess. Perhaps one day I will make it to clear shores….