I think this was a rather productive weekend, and I’ll share a list because it makes me feel like I actually got things done:

  • baked muffins for breakfast during the week (a little bland, the recipe needs work)
  • knit a pair of socks, from toe-tip to just below my Achilles
  • fought with epoxy, with the end result of 3 finished hair clips and one that needs another pass at gluing
  • relaxed at Ultimo
  • altered my sari top (let the front hem down about an inch)
  • worked on one of the on-going will-never-end documentaries
  • used my garden’s tomatoes, a pepper and some basil in a delicious casserole with chicken and scallops
  • bought a bathing suit

cucmbers making a run for the alley

Things I wanted to do, but didn’t:

  • Walk to FDR park to check for the geocache, and just enjoy the open space
  • finish the documentary
  • decide about my upcoming vacation quandary
  • vacuum my room
  • re-dye my hair
  • bike to the craft store (got thread at Pearl instead, but still should have gone for the ride to get supplies for the necklace I want to make)
  • make a mobile/wind chime/light catcher for the back yard
  • make a cucumber salad
  • sew something from scratch
  • make tofu from scratch
  • yoga

Always too much to do. I’m torn between relaxing on the weekend and chipping away at my list. I think I need to be more disciplined about it- work on the list in the morning, relax in the evening….