opening the chache

opening the cache

The interactive folks at work are working on some sort of scavenger hunt proposal… somehow it led to looking into geochache sites around the office… a wonderful outing idea for lunch! It was supposed to be “near the sidewalk and a tree located in the shadow of Saint Michael the Archangel Russian Orthodox Church.” For some reason, we thought it was actually on church grounds, which were surrounded by a locked fence. We grabbed lunch at Honey’s while trying to think of a plan, and find another cache that was nearby. On our way back to the office, we took another go at the church- this time the fence was open. We wandered around a bit, I was worried we’d get locked in. Eventually though, someone looked the site up again, and we started looking at trees across the street. Pretty easy to find once we were actually in the right place. Some struggle to get the top open- eventually got it, and traded a little dog toy for a dinosaur toy. I think there are some in south Philly that I am going to look for this weekend…

the little dino we traded for

the little dino we traded for

I’m a little confused by the site though- I’m not sure if you can post pictures that actually show the cache, or what exactly you can post in the comments…The ‘caching’ that I heard about a few years ago I thought was called ‘lock boxing'(*Update*- I was thinking of Letterboxing…). From what I remember, you made (or bought) stamps, and made kind of a ‘passport’ that you stamped with what ever ones you found in the box, while leaving yours behind. You make a stamp that you stamp into the log book in the box. Then you stamp your own log book with the box’s stamp. Apparently it is still developing in North America, and not terribly organized yet. They are still using a yahoo group….  The geocache box we found had totally random things in it- some lotion, some toys, and some Emergen’C as well as some other small things. I have to admit, I like the stamping idea better…

I’m attempting a toe-up magic loop pair of socks. I think I get the general idea of it… I’m looking forward to a new pair of socks, and I am finally getting to use the really beautiful yarn Chris gave me for Christmas. I’m doing pretty well at using up the yarn I have before buying more- the blanket is getting bigger and bigger!