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The Amy Butler bag is perfect for carrying my blanket! Its getting bigger and bigger…. I’ve started knitting directly onto the blanket instead of making squares and attaching them later. I’m still trying to get a good shot of the whole thing (and a better shot of the bag in action, perhaps down at Ultimo…) so I’ll post more pictures soon. I’m proud of all the hand spun I’ve been incorporating. (That blue and white bit poking out is hand spun, as is the variegated blue towards the bottom edge of the bag). I rarely have enough attention span to spin a whole bunch of yarn, so this gives me a great way to use up the odd ends. Perhaps I’ll set the yarn I spun a few days ago and add it in, its nice squishy merino, various shades of greens and blues (roving from Alexis, she gave it to me with my drop spindle). I also have some brown spun up (from roving that Tina gave me), but I have more roving of the same color, so I might add onto it. Its on a shorter drop spindle thats a little slippery, but its my first true solid color yarn, and I really should finish it!