I finally got the alligator clips I ordered, and set off on making round one of the re-design for feathery-flowery hair clips. I just love making these things. The combs don’t work in my short hair, so I thought that these clips would serve well. I also ordered some really pretty feathers from a seller on etsy, so I am rather excited about how they turned out. Rather hard to get a good photo of myself wearing them, but I think the general idea comes across… I want to try this style out before I make any more, I got a little over-zealous with the combs when I first started, before I really knew what would work well.

(I’m taking requests, if anyone wants in on round two of this design)

I had jury duty yesterday, as well as a cold that just about knocked me flat… but back into the swing of things today, and I’m determined to get closer to finishing my second sock! So close, so close….