grosgrain blueberry pie frock

I’ve been trying to remember this site for ages… I stumbled across it today, and joy of joys, the lovely grosgrain is giving away an adult dress! (Blueberry Pie Refashioned Frock GIVEAWAY!!!!) She makes some really beautiful clothing… what an inspiration to get my sewing machine in order again. The tension has been off lately, and the back stitching keeps coming out. I’m not really sure how to fix it, but the singer has been a work horse, so I’m sure I can figure it out. Unfortunately, my machine only does straight (forward) stitching… which isn’t so great for all the jersey fabric I want to make fun drape-y things out of. I feel like I would have a lot of fun with a serger… and I’ve been eyeing some Print Goccos…. goodness gracious, when it comes to crafty things I need to be so conscious of my self-control!