sea monkey babies!

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I’ve been waiting forever for my sea-monkeys to procreate. The little packet that came with them said one of the things that was great about the little shrimpies was that there were ‘multiple generations living together’. But I’ve had four huge-ish sea monkeys swimming around for ages. Two of them died over the long weekend…. so today I decided it was time to let them go. I air-ated their water and rinsed out the tank, none of the caution I’d previously had for the precious eggs that may or may not be there.
And then the client I was editing with made a comment about how he was surprised I still had them… as I was pointing out the dead guys I never managed to fish out, I noticed little spots moving around. Babies!!! Finally, I will have more sea monkeys! A little sad that I’m so excited about mini-shrimp, but hey, its still pretty cool that they’ve finally procreated.

On a non-seamonkey note, my co-worker Colleen posted up the cutest video of her daughter bellydancing. I’ve made some bellydance inspired flowers for her, and Colleen has shown her my troupe’s site… I imagine you wouldn’t have to show a young girl much for her to be drawn to the dance- awesome women, cool looking movements and best of all, totally fun costuming! I can’t wait to make more hair pieces for the two of them, I love when bellydance intersects with my ‘normal’ 9-5 life.