So Chris and I decided that we were bored and should have a memorial day BBQ. We decided this at about 3:00 this afternoon. Luckily the grocery store was open (although the chips and salsa aisle was ravaged) so we picked up some supplies, sent out a few texts and a small crowd gathered. For a totally last-minute gathering, not too bad. We made turkey dogs, veggie burgers and some regular burgers that apparently were rather tasty. Of course, the jambalaya we make is always a hit, although Reading Terminal was closed, so we were stuck with supermarket shrimp and sausage (we use chicken or turkey andouille instead of the real kind, so it really helps to get it from a meat place instead of pre-packaged). I’m really looking forward to eating it for lunch….
I love having a holiday, although I think I prefer taking a random day instead of one where everyone else has off and half the stores I would like to go to are closed. Working full time is terrible for getting errands done. I like the idea of an alternate work week. My step-mom works an extra half hour or something like that every day and gets every other Monday off. I could be so productive at home with that!