oatmeal raisin cookies

oatmeal raisin cookies

pear-raisin-ginger muffins

pear-ginger-raisin muffins


I was bored on Sunday. Kept expecting thunderstorms, but instead it was just wonderfully cool. Solution to my boredom? Baking! I made a batch of pear-raisin-ginger muffins and a batch of oatmeal raisin cookies, both out of Chris’s “Once Upon a Tart” recipe book. A little orange zest added to the cookies… so yummy. The muffins were a little bland, perhaps a riper pear would have helped. Or some orange zest…. but very good with coffee this morning. There are a whole bunch of good looking recipes in the book that I never noticed before. Usually I flip right to the madelines without perusing the rest. Perhaps its because of the great food pictures on Curious Bird’s site, perhaps its this cool weather that calls for warm cookies and tea, but I’m getting back into the baking spirit. And I can’t wait to have tomatoes and cucumbers from my garden for delicious salads…..
I had a bit of a challenge finding oranges, which always surprises me. The grocery story is sometimes out of the oddest things. Bananas, oranges, red onions. Staples, but somehow missing.
I probably should have gotten some work done on one of my documentaries-in-progress, but it felt nice to take a real break.