Jordan with flowers
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I’ve been meaning to make some flower pieces for my co-worker Colleen and her daughter, ever since I brought mine in and she seemed to like them. I had been spending a lot of my time prepping for Spring Caravan, so it felt great this past weekend to finally get back to some of my other projects. Sunday I broke out the glue gun, bags of feathers and flowers and got to work. I made this one as well as a giant, (nearly ridiculously giant) pink one. I think the flower looks great with Jordan’s dress! Colleen said she was bellydancing around the campfire at her friend’s party over the weekend. Oh, I love how dance has leaked over to so many other aspects of my (and my friend’s) life.
I also got back to work on the sweater I’m knitting for Ang, as well as getting some serious work done on KK’s doc….. yay for productivity!