I’ve had this thing for snails since highschool. My friend Jen and I did an ‘experiment’ for our AP Bio class about what environments snails liked the best… When it came time for the science fair, we hadn’t actually done most of the experiment but we made a killer tri-fold and brought tupperware containers for all the snails we used in the experiment. I got really good at convincing people that they were good pets. So much so that I kept the last one for myself and named it Arturo. Sounds lame, but they really are fun pets. Watching them crawl up the side of a clear case is awesome… you get to see how they slide along from the bottom side. I fed arturo slices of potatoes and put fresh leaves in his little dirt case… but eventually the potatoes stopped being eaten, and I figured he had died. I put his shell out in the garden, for a nice resting place. I don’t know if arturo was really dead or if I just freed him for a more snail appropriate life… but my fascination with snails has persisted….

kissing snails

When I was out in LA I bought this postcard, and framed it in the upstairs hallway. I love it, though Chris thinks its kinda gross.

Basically, snails are Awesome!