Crazy super downpour around 7pm tonight. The sky got all yellow and then just opened up. Philly needed a good wash, so this was a very welcome storm.

I got some work done on the turkish vest I’m making, cut out and pinned the liner, though I was feeling rather cranky about the whole thing. My mom helped pin it (I went to jersey to do my taxes, so got to spend some great time with her) and suggested I baste it and iron it… of course I knew she was right, but was feeling lazy so never ironed the thing. I bet I’ll regret it later.

I’m hoping to work some more on it tonight, and perhaps even start on my next fringe belt… (Alexis- still waiting on pictures of yours!) But first, some yoga, some dinner and then we’ll see how crafty I’m feeling.


Finished the vest. Still need to try it on with the coinbra WIP, but I think it will work for now.