I was walking down the block away from my house. I went back to check on the door, because I realized I might not have locked it. A girl (a housemate in the dream, may have been my friend Emily) was coming out of the house, she said she locked the door. But I saw that she only locked two of the locks. She explained why, it was some uber logical reason, but it still made me nervous, so I made sure all three locks were locked.
Then I got on a zebra, to ride him to work. He was kinda stocky, it was like what I imagine riding a donkey would be like. Fuzzy and wide in the shoulders, very sturdy. We headed on my usual bike route. Gradually the usual morning traffic and people turned into what I imagine the backlot of an old circus would have been. Same streets and everything, but the crowd was definitely circusy.  Around Passyunk and Morris the zebra stopped paying attention to me and just started wandering. ‘Zebra! I have to get to work! Stop trying to hang out with the elephants!’ There were elephants, lions and dancing bears. There was also a very tall giraffe, and I thought for a moment that riding him would be easier than the stubborn zebra. Mostly circus people around the animals, trainers and such. Everyone getting prepared for the day. The Zebra just wanted to hang out, and lost all interest in listening to my tugging at the bridle and nudging his shoulders. I never knew zebras could be so stubborn! The trainers just sort of laughed at my futility, but in a friendly way.
It was an awesome dream. I wish I could hang out with more stubborn zebras.