I’ve been noticing a lot of plane crash items in the news lately. The crash into the Hudson, the one in Buffalo, one in Turkey… a bunch of small aircraft here and there…. perhaps life is permeating my dreams or perhaps I just have strange dreams.

A large plane, I’d give it a name and number but I don’t know enough about planes. Many passengers. Landed with a bit of a rough landing at the airport. Which was poorly placed at the top of a plateau of some kind. Very very windy. The plane having trouble stopping. Wind picking it up, pushing it around. Gets close to the edge of the plateau. Thinking ‘this isn’t good’. The plane slowly tips over the side of the plateau, away from the runway. Glides down to the bottom of the plateau. Although glides seems very graceful, this near free-fall was not. The pilot tries to land again. There are children with a fallen kite or balloon on the ground. The plane buzzes near them as it tries to land. The children do not move, terrified. Or smart, thinking ‘it won’t come right here again, we should just stay’. The plane comes around for a second try at landing. Finally holds onto the ground pulling to a stop with one wheel on the children’s balloon or kite. The terrified children still have not moved, though the plane nearly cut them in half. The plane slowly wheels forward to free the children’s toy. I was on the plane for the first half, and with the children for the two latter attempts at landing.