pile of crafts
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So I made a small pile of crafty things for today’s punkrock fleamarket at the Electric Factory. I thought I had an extra weekend to make things, so ended up with far less than I thought I’d have. But perhaps thats a good thing, because the only thing I made that I sold was the little giraffe, which I labeled as “a small (but tall) giraffe friend.” The lady who bought it was super happy with it, and was buying it as a gift. (I did sell some books and records, though.)
So now I have a bunch of stuff to give away, because I don’t think I want to bother trying to sell stuff anymore. If anything, this experience has solidified what I thought before… I like making things for specific people and giving them away more than anything else. I traded the sailboat outside/dino pocket wallet to Maris for a cool drawing she made me of snails and elephants. I’m going to make the dino belt pouch more secure for Ang and give the dino outside/sailboat inside wallet to Jess. The little monster friend is going to Maria for her new baby. I think I’ll ask my co-worker if he wants the snail for his baby, due in March. Which leaves me with the following: a sailboat belt pouch that is about iPhone sized, a sailboat wallet w/ orange inside pockets, a little fish that I hate but is super soft, a zipper sailboat bag (a little larger than the iPhone pouch, good for make-up maybe) and green and blue felt duck (not pictured) that I also hate…. I only hate those two things because they aren’t as cute as I wanted them to be, they’re really not all that bad.
So, any takers?? Alexis, I’m thinking of you for the sailboat belt pouch, if you want it. You can check out individual shots of most things here (just links to the first one in the the flickr set).

On the plus side, I think that Angie did well, and made some good contacts with people interested in commisssions. Her work is just so beautiful. I’m glad the sale went well for her.