Of course it never rains in LA except when I am here. Cheery.

Yesterday I walked around Hollywood Blvd, while killing time before meeting up with Jaime. Went to a lovely little hole-in-the-wall diner, and then got tea at a nice coffee shop. Eventually I took the subway (so clean compared to Philly!) to meet Jaime for lunch and take a tour of his work. He works at a prop house, History for Hire… really cool place. I ended up sticking around for the rest of the day helping out. Or maybe I was in the way, but I was trying to help! Jaime has an amazing amount of knowldege about all the stuff in the place, and it was a really fun tour to see all the set pieces that have gone out on various films.

I didn’t take any photos yesterday, but here’s a shot of me trying to knit with maebe on my lap. She is a very cute dog, but sometimes makes things difficult when she decides she is going to sit in the most inconvient place.

Maebe being a nudge

Maebe being a nudge

Today I am supposed to meet up with Jeff and check out a museum. Have to figure out where I’m getting breakfast… oh, vacation.