I went to my friend’s ice hockey game on sunday… a great way to end the holiday week. I’ve never seen her play, and although it was the first game they lost all season (won the last 10!) it was still a great game. Chris and I sat with Balog while he kept score and ran the scoreboard. He even let me press some of the buttons to reset the clock for the second period. I felt like a little kid, it was fun. I forgot to bring my camera, so a photo from the Freeze flickr pool will have to do:

The Philadelphia Freeze

I don’t think its from her section of the team, but it is the same organization.

There were some little kids being rowdy, cheering and jeering the other team in amusing ways. Some insults I hadn’t heard since grade school. Very cute. They made a small but vocal crowd.

The trip to the rink made me contemplate picking up hockey at some point. Apparently a lot of her team is made up of older women who started playing later in life…. they have a team made up of people who are super beginners… I don’t think I have time (or the money) right now to join the team, but if I’m still in Philly in the next few years, maybe I’ll add it to my hobbies. Looked like tons of fun. And I love that the team is made up of such a spectrum of people. What an interesting combo, bellydance and ice hockey. I’d have to work on my skating though, or else I’ll just be knocked over all the time.