Worked today, for an event that needed a VNR to messenger over to stations for tonights news. Panic. Because nothing was working right. Wow, did I feel like a jerk. There I was, trying to be professional, and I couldn’t master anything because no matter how many times I patched it, no audio to the deck. Hard wired it, crazy work around… goodness gracious.

But then, on my way home… some jerk jumped out from between cars, right at me. Screamed something while jumping. Yeah, totally trying to scare the crap out of me. And guess what? Definitely worked. I screamed back at them, swearing left and right as I biked away. Just heard them laughing. Yeah, that was Hilarious.

I am left feeling an odd amount of shock. Screaming at the person was not satisfying… they just laughed at how they totally got me. That, combined with the totally draining edit session… not a good day. But I am off to a post-halloween party…. hopefully that brings the day at least back to even.

I finished the knit gloves I was working on, but haven’t taken pictures yet. Maybe tomorrow. I’m hoping to sew some stuff soon… I’ll post while in progress. But right now, I’m going to change into my costume, and hope no one jumps out at me as I bike to West Philly.